A New Era Of Evaluation

AI Universal Awards collects and process the data of thousands of websites automatically. The results of those studies are used by companies to improve customer satisfaction and business development while our artificial intelligence system gives customers the power to enjoy awesome experiences by making winning decisions based on machine intelligence.

Popular & Trusted

Our trusted secuird AI-based directory of award winners are used daily in over 10 cities across Canada from coast to coast including Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. It’s a win-win situation for consumers and nominees.

Review Analysis

AI nominates as many different businesses as the system finds and consider worthy of recognition based on algorithm. AI nominations help everyone discover new, noteworthy businesses, which we can then evaluate for qualification.

Award Results

Winners will be automaticly entitled for further promotions. The award  will grow through multiple search engines websites and social media profiles. Each nominee will have the opportunity to promot their business, service or product in advanced way.

About aiUA

Improving Customer Experience With Artificial Intelligence

Better customer experience leads to improved customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy, is a goal across many organizations. A good understanding of customers is the first step toward an excellent customer experience, and leveraging artificial intelligence can help accelerate this understanding.

AI solution for getting a faster, real-time understanding of your customers.

Machine learning, natural-language understanding and natural-language processing can help analyze customer sentiment and customer feedback at scale